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Aqua Tech Laser -DNE LC3 Fiber Laser

Introducing our new Fiberoptic laser!

DNE is the worlds leader in high power fiber lasers.... With 6000 watts, the DNE 

fiber laser has been shown to cut 1mm thick steel 3.5 seconds faster then an

equivalant CO2 systems.

  • With precision laser cutting to .001
  • Materials include Steel, Stainless, Aluminium,  Titanium, Brass & Copper.
  • 60x120 cutting area
  • 6000 watt

Trotec Speedy 400

Trotec LaserStandard Features

  • 24 x 39" work space
  • 12" table height
  • 130 watt
  • sealed off CO2 laser
  • Pass-through system allows for processing of long and bulky parts
  • Great for plastics, wood, glass, foam, metals, paper, rubber and much more